Heather Paris, Kindergarten

Ms. Paris began teaching in 2001. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Auburn University and received her teaching certification from Centenary in 2003. She has earned her Master’s Degree and is certified as a Reading Specialist. She has been part of the mentor program for new teachers and is certified to have student teachers in her classroom.

She has previously taught Pre-K and First grade and has taught Kindergarten for the last 11 years. She has two daughters, Harper and Hadley. Mrs. Paris loves to work in her yard, read books, and play outside with her girls.  She loves her family, her school, and her neighborhood. Mrs. Paris’ motto is the Golden Rule.




Michelle Lang, Kindergarten

Michelle Lang has an Associate’s degree in Day Care Nursery Management, Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and certification in elementary grades from Northeast Louisiana University. She has been teaching for 24 years. Her first 13 years of teaching was in Baton Rouge before moving to Shreveport to teach and be closer to her family.  Mrs. Lang loves watching the excitement that children have about the world around them.

In her spare time, she enjoys working out, cooking, spending time with friends, family, and her husband.




Marisa Jefferson, Kindergarten

Marisa Jefferson is a second year teacher with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from University of Arkansas and a Masters of Art in Teaching from Northwestern State University.  She’s always loved working with children at her church and decided that teaching was where her heart was when she was observing children in an occupational therapy setting.  Mrs. Jefferson has a husband, a son, and a daughter.

She enjoys singing, knitting, and playing with her kids.